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Pridružio: 09 Jan 2009
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 Poruka Poslao: 12 Jan, 2009 23:02 pm    Naslov:
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zashto ste zapostavili ovu themu gotovo 36 sati Smile?
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Pridružio: 10 Apr 2008
Poruke: 822
Lokacija: ..u prostranstvu simbola i beskonacnosti u jednome trenu...

 Poruka Poslao: 13 Jan, 2009 08:06 am    Naslov:
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Jer smo hranili Tamagočija na drugoj temi Cool
Bitna je samo Istina, Esencija. Sve ostalo samo su procesi, lazna iskustva, kozmeticke forme, ego izdrkavanja te misaona i duhovna zavaravanja.
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Pridružio: 20 Sep 2008
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 Poruka Poslao: 13 Jan, 2009 10:44 am    Naslov:
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Ovo moram da vam pokazem. Procitao sam na jednom stranom forumu>

wat is ze kundanii and where can i find him?

Kundalini sleeps in your butt.

Well, not really, but it comes up from the Base Chakra, which located tweenst the genitals and the butt, so when it rises, it probably feels like it's coming from the butt.
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Pridružio: 20 Sep 2008
Poruke: 4650

 Poruka Poslao: 13 Jan, 2009 10:46 am    Naslov:
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Evo kako je na neka pitanja odgovorio Robert Bruce. Izvinjavam se sto je napisano na engleskom.

Pocinje od 6. pitanja:

6) What fundamental purpose does raising the Kundalini serve?

>Good question(s). Keep in mind that my answers come from personal
experience and observations, not from books. I've read very little about

The activation of the kundalini circuit can be likened to how a larvae
converts into a butterfly. One does not grow pretty wings, but some fairly
dramatic changes occur. The successful raising of kundalini gives birth to
a whole new bio energy circuit. In a way, all primary chakras activate and
begin working together to generate the new circuit.

The major changes occur during a raised kundalini session, which can last
from ten to 30 minutes, or maybe even longer with more training. This is a
most profound state. I'll post something on this in a minute, to save me
typing it all out again.

But once kundalini has been raised once, the whole energy body begins to
reorganize itself. What exactly happens is difficult to ascertain but the
energy body seems to start growing and developing towards what will become a
new 'normal' state of being.

6a) Why would one want to do it and who (what type of person) would want to
do it?

Raising kundalini involves taking a big step in spiritual evolution. It is
possible that this could free one from the reincarnational mechanism of
life, and set one on a new path of evolution, the path of the masters. I
think ascension to becoming a living master is possible through kundalini.

Also, one of the most noticeable things that happens is that during raised
kundalini state, ones higher self manifests very strongly through you. You
virtually become your higher self, but still retain your human personality.
Bathed in the sacred Aummm, ones connection to God is extremely noticeable
and real.

All psychic abilities begin to grow stronger after kundalini has been
raised. And they are fully active during raised kundalini state.

I suspect that once developed (fully medusa effect and beyond) the power of
creation may become normal. But I also suspect that some knowledge of magic
and words of power and creation would also be required. Then whatever is
imagined will appear in the physical. Basically, one transcends and gains
control over the physical environment.

So, yes, spiritual immortality is possible. Physical immortality may also be
possible, if the energy flow out of the body can be reversed, eg, so one
grows younger at will. These things all need exploring. And I plan to do
just this.

7) In relation to item 3), at what level of development is one ready to undertake the exercises of Kundalini

I am still pondering the question of this criteria. But a high level of development is most certainly required.

One needs a strong and balanced mind, and a balanced personality and
emotions, and a reasonably heathy body. The demands of raising kundalini are
great. Full power real time OBE or high level projection are very easy in
comparison. So astral projection should, ideally, be mastered first. And
mastering astral projection in itself is a good indicator that one is ready
to raise kundalini. I think I just answered my own question.

However, some untrained people can OBE quite easily. So I'd say a
combination of at least a trained mind (through yoga or similar) and astral projection ability would be a good starting point.

Age may play a factor, too. One may need to be at least 30 before this can be done. But I need to experiment more to clarify this factor.

8 ) Are there various degrees of experience in Kundalini raising? I
understand some people have their crown chakras opened up for minutes or
hours after the experience, while others have them opened for many months at
a time. Does this mean one experience was more powerful than the other?

This depends on whether kundalini was actually raised, or whether we are
talking about strong chakra activation, or kundalini related phenomena being

There are various ways kundalini can rise, but the end result is the full
snake like phenomenon, which I'll describe in another post.

Today, a great many energy body phenomena and kundalini related activity are
taken for actual raised kundalini. It can be very confusing. But there is
only one main event; the snake.

9) Is there a point to raising the Kundalini more than once? Are the
experiences different in what is learned/gained every time?

Once kundalini is raised it must be developed and raised many times before
it fully grows. I have not gone past the full medusa and Aumm stage, but I
plan to get back into training very soon. It gets easier to do every time
its done. In time, the fully raised state would replace normal meditation
and etc. This seems reasonable expectation.

Also, raising kundalini many times seems to help the enlightenment process,
which is a staggered affair; one step at a time.

10) What is gained by having the crown chakra opened during and after
Kundalini raising? What can one do with an opened crown chakra that they
normally can't do when it is closed, or less opened?

I'm not really sure about this as I've not experienced this. One also has to
define exactly what is meant by 'open'. Chakras are not like little doors
that can be opened and closed with some imagination and good intentions.
They are always active, but there are levels of activation. So an open crown
could jsut be a more active than ususal crown. This would cause some psychic
abilities to manifest.

A lot of problems can surround overactivation of the crown center. An
overactive crown can drain one of energy, so energy cannot be accumulated.
It just gets sucked up through the crown. Possession and various mental
problems can also be linked with this problem.

11) What are some of the things people report that they experience during
the Kundalini raising? Are they all fairly similar in theme, or are the
experiences vastly different? (e.g. traveling through tubes of light?,
seeing past lives?)

Yes, the experiences are fairly similar. Kundalini spikes up through the
spine are the norm. A blinding flash of white light in the minds eye, a
powerful OBE or near death experience. Some kind of examination by masters
or deities. I've not experienced past lives but this may be possible in some
cases. Travelling through a tube of light may also happen in some cases.

The variety of experiences may be caused by differences in development and
in the energy body, and by the age of the incarnating spirit, eg, spiritual
maturity, etc.

12) In relation to item 6), what is the ULTIMATE goal of Kundalini raising,
assuming it is a process that requires multiple experiences to reach an
ultimate goal.

I think the ultimate goal is to become a physically immortal master. But I
need to explore all this further.

I may have a way to safely train people using something new. This is
experimental but it may work. Kundalini can be raised in the pre OBE
vibrational state. I've done this and its quite easy. If one does not need
to raise kundalini fully first, it may be possible to train people to
cleanse and condition the kundalini snake pathway with a lower level of
energy than what normally occurs during the main event.


There is widespread misunderstanding about kundalini. Most seem to
think its a raise once and its done kind of thing. But this is not the case
at all. Kundalini is a discrete bioenergy phenomenon, much like a sneeze or
an orgasm. One could not say after a single orgasm that ones orgasm is now
raised and active. Neither could one say that after a single kundalini
raising, or related phenomena, that ones kundalini is now raised. Kundalini
must be raised many times and developed.

A single kundalini raised experience may last from 5 to 30 minutes. Longer
may be possible with higher development. The raised state is heavily energy
dependent, so when energy resources are reduced it just stops. But while it
is raised one becomes God, in a sense. Ones personality is still present,
but ones higher self rises very close to the surface indeed. And ones higher
self is about as close to God as one can get. So raised kundalini could be
called a full higher self manifestation.

The psychic abilities this causes are the natural abilities of a spirit, and
of ones higher self. They are not created out of nothing, they are freed.

Kundalini does change one and one does experience enlightenment during its
peak. But this is abstract enlightenment, eg, one knows everything at the
time because one is experiencing a level of God consciousness. But after the
experience one reverts to normal consciousness and knowledge. However,
something is then changed and ones inspirational abilities, plus all psychic
abilities, are greatly enhanced.

Then begins the staggered realization process where higher knowledge is
gained one small step at a time. But this progressive gaining of knowledge
will only bear true fruit if one has a sound belief system, and if one
applies the empirical process, eg, first build a solid foundation and then
add to it one thing at a time. If this discipline is not applied one is
likely to float away with the faries.

There are three main ways that kundalini will rise. The first is
spontaneously, in response to mental and emotional and spiritual states of
being, eg, Carl Jung had a spontaneous kundalini rising. The second is
through yoga practice where the body and mind are developed to the point
where kundalini will rise naturally. The third is to manually raise
kundalini by manipulating the energy body with body awareness techniques.
Ideally, a combination of all three would provide the best and safest

To do this, one must first understand the nature of primary energy centers,
chakras, and the base center. A fundamental aspect of the base center is
that it acts a lot like an electrical capacitor. It is also heavily shielded
and earthed, in a bioenergy sense. Another aspect of chakras is their
ability to 'strobe'. This is a natural high level function. Once a chakra's
energy peaks, reaches critical mass, it strobes and releases all its energy
in one moment. The natural path for this energy is upwards, and as it floods
upwards it creates new high voltage energy conduits, and flash activates the
chakras above one at a time. This last can happen in several ways, depending
on how prepared the energy body is, but there is only one raised kundalini
phenomenon, eg, the full internal snake phenomenon.

When kundalini rises, it feels like a physical snake as thick as a man's
wrist forces its way up through the perenium; between anus and genitals. It
forces its way in 3.5 clockwise spiral up through the body. Ones internal
organs will be felt sloshing and moving as they are pushed out of the way,
as kundalini raises through the body, neck and head to the crown.

The internal snake phenomenon is caused by an internal manifestation of
ectoplasm. This is the only reasonable explanation.

A brilliant minds eye flash of light (like a giant camera flash) will occur
at the beginning of a kundalini raising. This leaves a feeling of mild
concussion on the face, as if one had been slapped. This is because the
whole face contains the support structure for the brow chakra, and is thus
involved with the brow center strobe. Note that the brow center strobe can
occur seperately from a kundalini event, eg, during the formation of the
vision screen of high function clairvoyance (what could be called a
Nostradamus level phenomena). Brow center strobes can also result from
various practices, including meditation and astral projection exercises. If
this happens, it indicates strong natural clairvoyance potential is present,
even if dormant and unrealized.

Normally the crown and brow will not fully activate during early kundalini
raising events. But once these activate it feels like ones skull vanishes
and from the surface of ones brain hundreds of fat, fleshy fingers, like
little snakes, are felt to appear. These feel as real as ones other fingers.
At this time, the brow fuses with the crown the one in the nose bridge, and
this new chakra structure is felt as a heavy, fleshy flap hanging down over
ones brow and bridge of nose. This feels as if ones skull (the entire area
above the hair line) has turned into a sea anenome.

These fingers (I think the eastern term is petals) respond instantly to
thought. If one things of any concept, the fingers form intricate geometric
patterns. I think this may be where mandallas come from. Note, if you read
the book 'Secret of the Golden Flower', in the commentary by Jung, he
explains that mandallas are resident in the human psyche in all races. I highly recommend this book.

Another interesting phenomenon here is that if one thinks of a living
person, these fingers form a pattern, but some also point to 'where' this
person is in the real world.

In order to raise kundalini, one must repeatedly raise a lot of energy to
the base center. Most of what is raised immediately leaks away, is earthed
away. But if this practice is continued, there comes a
point where the insulation is burned away and the base strobes. The first
symptom of this is a massive kundalini spike up through the spine. This can
be extremely painful, burning and electrical sensations. It is wise to stop
for a breather at this point, but without breaking relaxation discipline.

Note that if the body is not prepared by fasting and purging beforehand, the
bowels will turn to water and let go in response to full physical shock.
Now, if one begins raising energy again a minute or so later, another spike
will occur, just as strong but a bit less painful, and then the serpent will
be released. Ideally it will rise fairly rapidly and smoothly all the way to
the crown, in 3.5 clockwise coils.

I recommend 3 days fasting prior to an attempt, or other yoga purging practices can be used to achieve the same internally cleansed state. I find my energy peaks on the 3rd day. This helps as one needs every ounce of energy one can muster to raise kundalini.

A type of near death experience will usually occur. I don't have enough data
to say for sure, but this is a reasonable observation. In my case, I was
evicted from my physical body (I think it died of shock) and, in brief, I
was examinied by three deities (or ascended masters). Two shook their heads
and retired, but the third came down and helped me. He showed me my errors
and how to rectify my problems through spiritual cleansing (not physical).

When Kundalini has been more developed, eg, raised a dozen or so times (a week apart for each event is wise), and the crown becomes fully active, one will also experience the Aummmm. This is quite loud and if feels and sounds like the word 'Aummm' being said continually (one tone) by a man with a deep voice. This, I think, may be the underlaying sound (or Word) of creation.

Warning: This subject must be approached with great care and respect. This is a long term goal, a lifetimes work. Raising kundalini is a dangerous thing to do. And the less prepared and developed a person is, the more dangerous it becomes. Madness and or death can result, as can a variety of serious physical and mental disorders, if one who is unprepared does this. As said, master wake induced OBE first, as this is not only a more achievable goal, but it also helps prepare one for higher levels of energy body activation and kundalini.
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 Poruka Poslao: 13 Jan, 2009 10:51 am    Naslov:
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Ja našao ovo, već je dosta toga poznato ali neka ima, prevod je loš jer je automatski preveo google pretraživač:


K undalini is a psycho-spiritual energy, the energy of the consciousness, which is thought to reside within the sleeping body, and is aroused either through spiritual discipline or spontaneously to bring new states of consciousness, including mystical illumination. Kundalini is Sanskrit for "snake" or "serpent power," so-called because it is believed to lie like a serpent in the root chakra at the base of the spine. К ундалини је психо-духовне енергије, енергија је свест, која је мислила да се налазити унутар спавање тело, те је побудила или кроз духовне дисциплине или спонтано довести нове стања свести, укључујући мистично расвјете. Кундалини је Санскрит за " змијара "или" змију поуер ", тзв јер је веровао да леже као змија у корену чакра у подножју кичме. In Tantra Yoga kundalini is an aspect of Shakti, the divine female energy and consort of Shiva.(see also Tantrism ) У Тантра Ыога кундалини је аспект Схакти, божанску женску енергију и супруг од Схива. (Видите такође Тантрисм)

The power of kundalini is said to be enormous. Снага кундалини је рекао да се огроман. Those having experienced it claim it to be indescribable. Они имају искусне то тврде да буде неописив. The phenomena associated with it varies from bizarre physical sensations and movements, pain, clairaudience, visions, brilliant lights, superlucidity, psychical powers, ecstasy, bliss, and transcendence of self. Феномене повезане са тим варира од бизарне физичког осећаја и покрета, бол, цлаираудиенце, визије, бриљантне светла, суперлуцидиты, спиритистички овлашћења, екстази, блаженства и превазилажење самозапошљавања. Kundalini has been described as liquid fire and liquid light. Кундалини је описан као течност ватра и тренутан светло.

Indian yoga, with its emphasis on the transmutation of energy to higher consciousness, was the chief contributor to the cultivation of kundalini and the preservation of its knowledge prior to present times. Индијски ыоги, са нагласком на претварање енергије у вишој свести, био је главни прилози узгоју кундалини и очување његовог знања пре садашњости пута. Kundalini was a rarity in the West before the 1970s until more attention became centered upon the consciousness. Кундалини је била реткост на Западу пре 1970-их до више пажње постао центриран на свест. In 1932, for example, psychiatrist Carl G. Jung and others observed that the kundalini experience was seldom seen in the West. 1932, на пример, психијатар Царл Г. Јунг и други приметио да је кундалини искуство је ретко виде на Западу.

However, an examination of mystical literature and traditions showed that kundalini, called by various names, seems to have been a universal phenomenon in esoteric teachings for perhaps three thousand years. Међутим, испитивање мистична литературу и традиција су показали да је кундалини, позван од стране разних имена, чини се да су универзалних феномена у алтернативна подручја учења за мозда три хиљаде година. Kundalini-type descriptions or experiences are found in esoteric teachings of the Egyptians, Tibetans, Chinese, some Native Americans, and the !Kung bushmen of Africa. Kundalini has been interpreted from the Bible as "the solar principle in man," and is referenced in the Koran, the works of Plato and other Greek philosophers, alchemical tracts (the philosopher's stone ), and in Hermetic, Kabbalistic , Rosicrucian, and Masonic writings. Кундалини-тыпе описи искустава или се налазе у езотеричан наук од Египћана, Тибетанаца, Кинеза, неки Американци, а! Кунг бусхмен у Африци. Кундалини је интерпретирана из Библије као "соларни принцип у човеку", те се позивају у Коран, делима Платона и други грчки филозофи, алцхемицал трацтс (филозофа у камену), те у Хермесов, Каббалистиц, Росицруциан и масонски списи.

There has been an awakening of kundalini knowledge among the Western populations since the 1970s because of two major reasons: more people who are trained in the spiritual disciplines are likely to release the energy, and the increased number of people that are aware of kundalini are more likely to recognize its symptoms or benefits. Ту је била буђења кундалини знања међу Западна популација од 1970-их, због два главна разлога: све више људи који су обучени у духовним дисциплинама вероватно ослобађање енергије и повећан број људи који су свесни кундалини више вероватно препознати његове симптоме или бенефиције.

Not all kundalini experiences are identical to those classical awakenings experienced in yoga, but may vary in intensity and duration. Нису све кундалини искуства су идентична онима класичне ауакенингс искуства у ыоги, али мај варира у интензитету и трајању. Typically the yogi meditates to arouse the kundalini and then to raise it through his or her body. Типично је да се јоги медитатес се пробудити кундалини, а затим се подигао га кроз његово или њено тело. (It should be remembered though, not all types of yoga are devoted to the arousal of kundalini.) First, the yogi feels the sensation on heat at the base of the spine, which may be intensely hot or pleasantly warm. (То би требао бити запамћена ипак, није све врсте јоге су посвећен ароусал од кундалини.) Прво, јоги осећа осећај топлоте на подно кичме, што мај бити врло вруће или угодно топло. The energy then travels up a psychic pathway parallel to the spinal column. Енергија потом путује до спиритистички путељак паралелно са кичме колони. The sushumna is the central axis, crisscrossed in a helix by the ida and pingala . Тхе сусхумна је централне оси, цриссцроссед у спирала од Ида и пингала. As it rises the kundalini activates the chakras in succession. Као што се диже кундалини активира чакре заредом. The body becomes cold and corpse-like as the kundalini leaves the lower portions and begins to rise. Тело постаје хладно и леш попут лишћа као кундалини доњи делови и почиње успон. The yogi is likely to shudder, tremble, or rock violently, feel extreme heat and cold, hear strange but not unpleasant sounds, and see various kinds of lights including an inner light. Тхе јоги вероватно згрозити, дрхтати, или насилно роцк, осећају екстремне врућине и хладноће, али није необично чути неугодних звукова и видети разне врсте фарова укључујући унутрашње светло. The length of the kundalini may be fleeting or last several minutes. Дужина је кундалини мај бити краткотрајна или последњих неколико минута. The objective is to raise the kundalini to the crown chakra, where it unites with the Shiva, or the male polarity, and brings illumination. The yogi then attempts to lower the energy to another chakra, but not below the heart chakra because descent to lower chakras is thought to produce ego inflation, rampant sexual desire, and a host of other ills. Циљ је подићи кундалини на круну чакра, где се спаја са Схива, или мушки поларитет, а доноси и осветљење. Тхе јоги затим покушаји да нижа енергетска чакра на другу, али не испод чакра срца због спуштања на ниже чакре је мислио да произведу его инфлација, осион сексуалну жељу, те низ других иллс. By repeatedly raising the kundalini to the crown, the yogi can succeed in having the energy permanently stay there. Бы поново подизање кундалини на круну, у јоги може успети у трајно власништво енергије остати тамо.

It is said that kundalini opens new pathways in the nervous system; the pain associated with this apparently is due to the nervous system's inability to immediately copy with the energy. Он је рекао да кундалини отвара нове путеве у нервни систем, болови повезани са овим наводно је с обзиром на нервни систем у немогућности да се одмах копирате са енергијом. Yogis assert that the body must be properly attuned for kundalini through yoga, and that a premature or explosive awakening can cause insanity or death. Ыогис тврдити да тело мора бити исправно аттунед за кундалини путем јоге, те да је прерано или експлозивне буђење може проузроковати лудило или смрт.

Other individuals, it has been determined by Western psychologists and psychiatrists, have experienced kundalini awakenings but not the explosive kind. Другим појединцима, било је одређен Западни психолози и псыцхиатристс, доживеле кундалини ауакенингс, али не и експлозивних врсте. One notable characteristic of these lesser awakenings is that the individual thinks, acts, and feels remarkably different. Један угледан ових карактеристика мањој ауакенингс је да појединац мисли, дела, и осећа ванредно другачији. Symptoms may involve involuntary and spasmodic body movements and postures; pain; abnormal breathing patterns; paralysis; tickling itching; vibrating sensations; hot and cold sensations; inner sounds, such as roaring, whistling, and chirping; insomnia; hypersensitivity to environment; unusual or extremes of emotions; intensified sex drive; distortion of thought processes; detachment; disassociation; sensations of physical expansion; and out-of-body experiences (OBEs). Симптоми укључују мај ненамјеран и грчевит тела покрети и постурес; бол; абнормалне обрасце дисања; парализа; свраб свраб; вибрацијског сензација, топла и хладна сензација; унутрашњи звукови, као што бучи, фијуче, и цвркутав; несаница; преосетљивости на околину, или необичне крајности емоција; интензивирао секс дриве; дисторзија мисли процеса; издвојеност; дисассоциатион; сензација физичка експанзије, и оут-оф-боды искуства (ОБЕс). Generally the elimination of such symptoms can be brought about by a heavier diet and temporary cessation of meditation. Уопштено укидању тих симптома може се поднети по тежа о исхрани и привремено обустављање медитације. The phenomena of these lesser kundalini awakenings seem to indicate that the definition may have to be expanded from that of the coiled serpent of yoga. Феномена те мањи кундалини ауакенингс изгледа да показују да је дефиниција мај морати бити проширен са које је смотан у змију јоге. Such experienced awakenings are difficult to definitely define though because scientific research of kundalini energy is still in its embryonic stages, little is known of the energy's nonphysical nature, and many of its symptoms are similar to those associated with mental disturbances and stress. Такви искусни ауакенингс дефинитивно је тешко дефинисати јер иако научних истраживања кундалини енергија је још увек у својим ембрионалне фазе, мало је познато о енергетском'с нонпхысицал природе, и многи од његових симптома су сличне онима које су повезане са психичким поремећаји и стрес.

One of the most dramatic instances of classic kundalini awakening was experienced by Copi Krishna (1903-1984), of India, who meditated for three hours every morning over seventeen years. Један од примера најдраматичније цлассиц буђење кундалини био искусан по Цопи Кришна (1903-1984), Индије, који медитатед три сата свако јутро преко седамнаест година. On Christmas Day, 1937, he had his explosive awakening with kundalini pouring up his spine. На Божић, 1937, он је имао своју експлозивне буђење кундалини са заливши свој кичме. By his personal account, he rocked out of his body and was enveloped in a halo of light. His consciousness expanded in every direction, and a vision of luster unfolded before him; he was like a small cork bobbing on a vast ocean of consciousness. This extraordinary experienced occurred once again, and then Krishna was plunged into twelve years of misery, during which he "experienced the indescribable ecstasies of the mystics…and the agonies of the mentally afflicted." Његов лични рачун, он роцкед из свог тела и била је енвелопед у вијенац светла. Његова свест проширена на све стране, као и визију Листер унфолдед пред њим, он је као мали боббинг Плута на огромном океану свести. То се појављују искусан ванредних, још једном, и онда Кришна био умочен у беду од дванаест година, током којих је "доживела неописив ецстасиес од мыстицс ... и агониес од психички невољницима." Following twelve years his body apparently adapted to the new energy and stabilized, but he was permanently changed. Следећих дванаест година своје тело привидно прилагодити новим енергије и стабилизиран, али је трајно променило. Everything in his vision was bathed in a silvery light. Све је било у његовој визији окупана у сребрну светлост. He heard an inner cadence, called the "unstruck melody" in kundalini literature. Он је чуо један унутрашњи ритам, назван "унструцк мелодије" у кундалини литературе. Eventually he could experience bliss just by turning his attention inward. Најзад је могао да доживи блаженство само његова пажња окреће према унутра. He became, as he said, "a pool of consciousness always aglow with light." Он је постао, како је рекао, "а базену свести увек аглоу са свјетлости." His creativity soared allowing him to write poetry and nonfiction books. Његова креативност соаред допуштајући му писање поезије и документарна литература књига.

Krishna devotedly spent most of the remainder of his life learning the secrets of kundalini. Кришна одано је провео већину остатак свог живота учењу тајне кундалини. He considered it "the most jealously guarded secret in history" and "the guardian of human evolution." To him it was the driving force behind genius and inspiration. Он сматра да је "већина љубоморно чувана тајна у историји" и "чувар човјекове еволуције." За њега је то била покретачка сила иза генија и надахнућа. He also thought within the brain is the blueprint to evolve humankind to a higher consciousness, one that makes use of kundalini. Он такође мисли у мозгу је пројекат развијати човечанство у вишу свест, која омогућава коришћење кундалини. Too, he believed kundalini could improve the health of humankind with its ability to regenerate and restore the body, to lengthen life, and eradicate such conditions as mental retardation. Превише, он је веровао кундалини може побољшати здравље људи са способност то обновити и вратити тело у продужити живот и искоренити такве услове као ментална ретардацијом.

Krishna made ever effort increase the cultivation of kundalini in the West. Кришна је икада напор повећати узгој кундалини на Западу. Many researchers followed him, but some disagreed with the importance that he gave kundalini. AGH Многи истраживачи пођу за њим, али није сложили са неке важности који је дао кундалини. АГХ
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Oh Hesuse, kakav prevod!!!
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Evo jedan sajt sa linkovima i korisnim tekstovima:http://www.kundalini-gateway.org/links.html
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Enoch ::
Jer smo hranili Tamagočija na drugoj temi Cool

Tako je !
A pošto je bilo par Tamagočija , i pošto smo ih konačno naranili i nasitili Laughing , sada možemo da nastavimo o Kundaliniju , ali na srpskom , ili hrvatskom , ili još nekom razumljivom jeziku i za nas koji ne spikingujemo Engliš veri vel i dont lajk Ingliš veri mač Razz Rolling Eyes Wink
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wat is ze kundanii and where can i find him? Laughing
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Giba ::
wat is ze kundanii and where can i find him? Laughing

Gibo veseljaku Very Happy ,
na oba pitanjca znaš odgovor bolje od mene Cool ,
nevaljalče jedno Laughing
procvrkući da te razumemo svi Wink
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Glavni urednik

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Kakav prevod, Bog te mazo Shocked Hitno pozvati Lazic Maju da intervenise
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Napredni tragalac

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ze kundalini je iz trece chakre ako se ne varam...
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Lokacija: ..u prostranstvu simbola i beskonacnosti u jednome trenu...

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Ja bi molio kolegu Gwydiona, ukoliko nije banan, da mi (nam) objasni sto je to kundalini (posto je na vise mjesta iskustva drugih nazivao fantazijama, a nigdje, eto, nije napomenuo sto je to, po njemu, kundalini).
Bitna je samo Istina, Esencija. Sve ostalo samo su procesi, lazna iskustva, kozmeticke forme, ego izdrkavanja te misaona i duhovna zavaravanja.
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Zockey ::
Ja našao ovo, već je dosta toga poznato ali neka ima, prevod je loš jer je automatski preveo google pretraživač:

Care, nad Carevima baš si me razveselio, ima da me drži do sledeće julijanske godine.
A ne Giba sa njegovim postom, koji nisam ni pogledao.
Rolling Eyes
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Nisam lep Laughing al sam neodoljiv Cool
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